Oct 222007

The Crew builds homes for Appalachian families without the financial means to afford adequate housing. Our work is located in economically depressed McCreary County, KY. Although the new home is our prime objective, more important benefits are setting an example of helping our fellow Americans and trying to heal a family in need of housing.

Harry Wallace, the Good Shepherd Mission P.O.C., has recommended the Phillips family for the 2013 home. Denny and Allyssa Phillips and their three young sons live in Clark Hollow, Stearns, KY.  The Phillips Family lost their home to fire on Christmas 2011 and have been living with their parents. The Phillips Family have 3 sons, Jarrod- 6, Gavin- 5, and Trevor- 2.    Denny works as a logger.

The Appalachian Construction Crew is an IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.