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March 2009

OUR MISSION: The Crew builds homes for Appalachian families without the financial means to afford adequate housing. Our work is located in economically depressed McCreary County, KY. For the last twenty-two years, the Crew has worked with the Good Shepherd Mission of Whitley City, KY, who selects the families to receive the new homes. The Good Shepherd Mission has many deserving families on a waiting list for homes. In June 2008, the Crew built a home for Grover and Mary Rollins and their two grandchildren, Damon and Courtney. Grover and Mary have custody of their two grandchildren because the children’s mother was killed in a car accident and the father is unable to provide the needed parental care. Both Grover and Mary have breathing problems and are periodically on oxygen. The Rollins Family was living in a rundown and unhealthy home but has since moved to their new home. Damon and Courtney, who are both under 10 years old, are bright and friendly and now have the hope for a better future in their new home. Although the new home is our prime objective, more important benefits are setting an example of helping our fellow Americans and trying to heal a family in need of housing. The Appalachian Construction Crew is an IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.

OUR WORK: During the past year, the Crew continued to raise money for buying the required home construction materials and Crew logistics. Fundraisers include working concession stands at the Offutt AFB Air Show and Omaha Royals baseball games, a raffle for gift certificates donated by Outback Steakhouse and a bowl-a-thon. Then for one week last June, our on-site crew of 26 volunteers built the home for the Rollins Family. The program is not a free handout, since each selected family agrees to pay back the Good Shepherd Mission for the material cost of the home in small, monthly, interest-free payments. Thus the family is given the financial means to obtain a good home and experiences America’s dream of home ownership. The Good Shepherd Mission then reuses the revenue from the families’ payments to help other families in need. In June 2009, the Crew will be building a home for our 24th family.

YOUR HELP: The Crew needs your help and ideas with fundraising. Our 2009 fundraising goal is $42,000. Major sources of support include designated offerings from the Offutt AFB Chapel Catholic and Protestant communities, the Heart of the Midlands Combined Federal Campaign and the Knights of Columbus and the Catholic Church of Nativity of Burke, VA. The list of materials on the other side of this report will help you arrive at a donation for our cause. If you return this material buying form with your donation to the Crew, we will put your name on our donor list, which will be given to this year’s selected family. If you are interested in donating a week of your time in building a home for a deserving family, we ask that you attend our monthly Crew meetings, which are held at the above address on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 8 PM. At these meetings, you will also learn about how you can help with our fundraising efforts.

FOR MORE INFO: Please contact one of the following Crew Board members: President Vicki Edwards, 291-1678; Vice-President Ken Zeiger, 296-3225; Secretary and Construction Director George Ziska, Jr. 292-5274; Treasurer Janelle Smith, 682-0406; Finance Director Mark White, 682-5570. For additional information, photos of our construction deployments and how to donate to the Crew, please visit our Website at

Buy Materials for an Appalachian Home

The following list shows some of the materials needed for the 24′ x 40′ home. If you would like your name on the donor list given to this year’s family, please put your name on this sheet and return it with your donation.

NAME: _________________________________ (Please print your full name.)

<tr > 4.   Pre-Cut 2″ X 4″ Wall Stud$2.75370<tr > 5.  2″ X 4″ X 20′, Pine # 2$9.0037<tr > 6.  Wall Orient Strand Board, 7/16″ X 4′ X 8’$9.5044<tr > 7.  Roof Felt, 30#, Roll$12.009<tr > 8.  Roof Shingles, Bundle$15.0046<tr > <td > 9.  Ceiling and Wall Sheetrock, 1/2″ X 4′ X 12′ $16.0076<tr >10.  Bath Ceiling Fan, 50 CFM$17.001<tr >11.  Roof Sheeting, 5/8″ X 4′ X 8′ CDX Plywood$19.0050<tr >12.  T & G Floor Sheeting, 3/4″ x 4′ X 8’$19.0031<tr >13.  Wall Insulation, R-11, Roll (88 SF)$22.009<tr >14.  Entry Lockset/Deadbolt Combo$26.002<tr >15.  Ceiling Insulation, R-19, Roll (75 SF)$27.5013<tr >16.  Kitchen Sink, Stainless Steel$40.001<tr >17.  Pre-fabricated Roof Truss, 24′, 4/12$40.0021<tr >18.  Interior Pre-hung Door, 2/6 X 6/8$70.005<tr >19.  Window, 2/0 X 3/0, Vinyl$80.001<tr >20.  Window, 3/0 X 3/0, Vinyl$100.005<tr >21.  200A Electrical Panel$100.001<tr >22.  Bath Vanity Marble Top$105.001<tr >23.  Bath Vanity, 24″$110.001<tr >24.  Vinyl Wall Siding, Box$120.007<tr >25.  Exterior Steel Door, 3/0 X 6/8$200.002<tr >26.  42-Gallon Hot Water Heater$210.001<tr >27.  Double Window, 3/0 X 3/0, Vinyl$230.001

 1.  Duplex Electrical Outlet $0.50 15
 2.  Electrical Switch $0.50 10
 3.  Foundation Concrete Block $1.20 900