Aug 152017

13 July 2017
Subject: Minutes of Board Meeting

1. The Meeting was opened by President Vicki Edwards at 7:00 PM, at 9803 S. 21st Circle, Bellevue NE. With 5 of 5 directors present, a quorum of the Board did exist.

2. Attendance at the Meeting included:
Vicki Edwards
Marcel Moreau
George Ziska, Jr.
Janelle Smith
Ron Strawn

3. The minutes of the meetings held on 11 May 2017, were approved.

4. Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Janelle Smith provided the following status as of 30 Jun 17: Great Western Checking Account: $61,881.95; Fidelity Money Market Account: $24,279.59.

5. Finance Director’s Report: The following items were discussed:
A. Al Cans for 2 X 4’s: No new developments.
B. 2017 Financial Plan: The Crew is now raised 100.9% of the 2017 Fundraising Goal of $75,000.
C. 2018 Financial Plan: The proposed plan includes two less fundraisers due to the deletion of the Combined Federal Campaign and the Offutt Air Show which is not being held this year. The current plan with estimated revenues includes: (1) Dinner Raffle: $1,400 for Oct-Nov 17; (2) Church of the Nativity, Burke VA: $42,000 for Jan 18; (3) Bow1-a-thon: $5,000 for Mar 18; (4) Offutt AFB Designated Offering; $1,600 (with request to be made by the Secretary); (5) Donations & Misc.: $10,000. No comments were made to change the dates of the fundraisers. The total fundraising goal for the above fundraisers would total $66,000 for a revised 3-BR Floor Plan, which was discussed later. In addition, a foundation repair cost for the 2017 Yancey home still needs to be added. Hopefully, the fundraising goal will be finalized by the next meeting.
D. Other Ideas: None.

6. Old Business:
A. Update of Membership Roster: No changes noted.
B. VA Connection (Bob Corsi): Bob agrees with the need for a foundation repair to the Yancey Home and proposed changes to the 3-BR floor plan for 2018.
C. Crew Website ( ): President Vicki Edwards will provide Webmaster Kathi Narlock with consolidated photo disc of the 2017 deployment for selecting photos to be put on the website.
D Colorado (CO) Connection (Corey Cinabro): With Corey and Family now overseas for a year, a new email address has been obtained.
E. Volunteer Recruitment in Bellevue: Future plans include a joint Crew/Confirmation Breakfast at Capehart Chapel on Sun, 19 Feb 18.
F. 2017 Deployment 1–12 Jun 17): The Yancey Family moved into their new home on Wed, 21 Jun 17. A total of$74,373.03, was spent on the 2017 home which includes materials, subcontractor work, new appliances and logistics. The Construction Director provides a breakdown of the 2017 home costs with comparison to the previous six homes. The total cost of this year’s 4-BR/2 Bath home was roughly $20,000 more than each of the two 3-BR homes built lastyear. In addition, this year’s home had the cost of $6,000 for a new septic system which was not included on the previous six homes because the existing systems were used. Although not known until our arrival, a heavy dozer slightly bulged the front foundation wall inward during the backfilling. The front foundation wall was temporarily shored with a combination of 4 X 4 posts and basement jacks at about a 5-ft spacing and a 4 X 4 beam. The Construction Director has proposed building a new footing/block wall on the interior of the existing front foundation wall. Harry Wallace, our Good Shepherd Chapel P.O.C., is checking with local subcontractors for a possible foundation repair. The Board expressed concern that foundation is in need of repair to protect our investment. Lessons learned on the 2017 Deployment include: (1) Let the plumber do his work through the floor after the wall framing completed so conflicts are reduced; (2) Avoid using a heavy dozer for the backfill to reduce the chance of foundation damage; (3) Since Lumber King has only the claw type, 2-ft, roof truss spacers, bring the nail-on type spacers from Bellevue; (4) Do not bring the 5 heavy wooden scaffolding planks but rather having Siding Crew just use the nine lighter, Al/plywood planks to reduce trailer weight; (5) Lumber King provided some very thin, interior, eggshell paint this year and so next year the Crew will order thicker, exterior, satin paint for the interior walls at additional cost of about $1 per gallon for the 15 gallons needed.
G. Disconnected Phone Marketing Line: The Crew received a refund of $4.77 on 13 May 17, from CenturyLink for disconnecting this line.

7. New Business:
A. Board Election, 14 Dec 17: The Secretary reminded the Board of the upcoming board election for new terms running from 1 Jan 18 to 31 Dec 19.
B. 2018 Deployment: Work starts on Thurs, 31 May 18. Harry Wallace had a list of 10 possible families which he has now narrowed down to two. The Construction Director proposed and the Board endorsed upgrading the 2018 3-BR floor plan to include a kitchen the size of the 2017 floor plan and a MBR Bath which will cause the home size to increase to 24-ft X 46-ft. Considering the high reserves the Crew has been experiencing, these upgrades will allow: (1) more room for the kitchen table, (2) with the MBR bath less traffic load on the main bath which also includes the laundry and (3) a small increase the size of 3 back bedrooms. The berthing at St. Joe’s Inn has been reserved for 30 May to 13 Jun 18 with Landlord Jim Barney on 18 Jun 17. The Head Cook Vicki Edwards suggested that high pressure shower heads be provided in St. Joe’s Inn.

8. The Crew Meeting was adjourned at 7:56 PM and the next Board Meeting was set for 7:00 PM, Thursday, 10 Aug 17,at 9803 S. 21st Circle.

George Ziska, Jr.