Oct 182013

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8th Annual Outback Raffle (Oct-Nov 13):  The ticket price will again be $5.00.  Prizes will be:  1st:  $140; 2nd:  $80; 3rd:  $60.  An article and photo was in the Bellevue Leader. Tickets will be sold at No Frills on Harlan Drive, from 10 AM to 2 PM, for selling tickets.  The Drawing and Dinner date was set for Wednesday, 27 November 2013, at 6 PM.


A total of $1,185 has been rec’d for 237 tickets of the 239 sold.  The final anticipated total of $1,195 ranks 7th out of 8 raffles held.

    The Outback certificate winners of the raffle were:  1st ($140):  Mark Kizzie; 2nd ($80):  Bill Swick; 3rd ($60):  Craig Nordaker.
     Thanks for all your efforts on this year’s raffle.