Nov 282014

The Good Shepard Chapel has selected the Scotty and Tabetha Corder Family of Sterns Kentucky as our  Family. The family has two sons, Harley, 17 and Dustin,4. Scotty works only part time as a janitor at the Outdoor Venture Corporation (tent factory) due to a neck injury from a care accident. Three members of the Good Shepard Chapel Parrish Council sent a letter endorsing the Corder Family.

Update: the Family was living in a 24 year old trailer. Scotty and Tabitha adopt and foster children. The existing trailer was moved from the site and the family moved to an apartment as the site was readied for construction. The ACC descended on the site Friday 5 June 15.  27 members worked hard to make this site a wonderful home for the Corder family. Most of the crew left St Joseph’s Inn on 10 June 15. The finishing crew stayed for another week to finish the interior. See the photo’s posted to see the progress that was made along the way. The Family moved in on 19 June 15. Congratulations to the Corder Family on their new home. 208