Jan 162016

21st Annual Bowl-a-thon

12 Bowlers turned out at

1:30 PM, Sat, 12 Mar 16, at Leopard Lanes,

Bellevue, NE

There is still time if you would like to send

a donation, please contact:

George Ziska, at 402-292-5274.

All proceeds go to building homes of Appalachian families unable

to afford adequate housing.




Kathi Narlock, Sharon Strawn, Debbe Moreau, Vicki Edwards





George Cawl, Marcel Moreau,  Barb Saucier, Will Saucier






Brittany Laski, Brittani Laski,  Joe Laski, Mitchell Laski



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Nov 282014

The Good Shepard Chapel has selected the Scotty and Tabetha Corder Family of Sterns Kentucky as our  Family. The family has two sons, Harley, 17 and Dustin,4. Scotty works only part time as a janitor at the Outdoor Venture Corporation (tent factory) due to a neck injury from a care accident. Three members of the Good Shepard Chapel Parrish Council sent a letter endorsing the Corder Family.

Update: the Family was living in a 24 year old trailer. Scotty and Tabitha adopt and foster children. The existing trailer was moved from the site and the family moved to an apartment as the site was readied for construction. The ACC descended on the site Friday 5 June 15.  27 members worked hard to make this site a wonderful home for the Corder family. Most of the crew left St Joseph’s Inn on 10 June 15. The finishing crew stayed for another week to finish the interior. See the photo’s posted to see the progress that was made along the way. The Family moved in on 19 June 15. Congratulations to the Corder Family on their new home. 208

Nov 282014

The Appalachian Construction Crew kicked off its annual raffle with a bit of a change.

This year with a $5 donation, you had a chance to win gift certificates for dinner at Old Chicago and a movie at AKSARBEN Cinema.


The drawing was held at 6 PM, on Wed, 19 Nov 14, at Old Chicago Papillion.

The winners this year are:

1st:   $100/$50 Vicki Edwards;

2nd:  $75/$25 Joann Klug;

3rd:  $25/$25 Debbe Moreau

Thank you to all that purchase tickets!!

Oct 172014

The Appalachian Construction Crew has kicked off its annual raffle with a bit of a change.

This year with a $5 donation, you will have chance to win gift certificates for a dinner at Old Chicago and a movie at AKSARBEN Cinema. 



The prizes are for the dinner/movie:  1st:  $100/$50; 2nd:  $75/$25; 3rd:  $25/$25. 

The drawing will be held at 6 PM, Wed, 19 Nov 14, at Old Chicago Papillion.

You need not be present to win.


If you are interested in buying and/or selling some tickets please contact George Ziska at 402-292-5274 or Vicki Edwards at 402-291-1678 or one of the other Crew members.

Feb 052014

The Appalachian Construction Crew Bowl-a-thon was held Saturday March 8, 2014  at Leopard Lanes in Bellevue at 1:30pm.

$2600+ was collected!  Way to go Bowlers!!

You can still pledge by contacting George Ziska at 402-292-5274.


Thank you all for your time and talents!!

                    Bowlers present on March 8th were:

Debbe & Marcel Mareau, Mark & Ben White                                   William & Barbara Saucier, Vicki Edwards,

Kathi Narlock                                                                                         Peter Laski, Mitchelle & Brittani Laski

DSC05568                           DSC05571


Other bowlers included:

Sharon Strawn, Thaddeous Laski, Joe Laski and Brittany Starek

Aug 312012

March 2009

OUR MISSION: The Crew builds homes for Appalachian families without the financial means to afford adequate housing. Our work is located in economically depressed McCreary County, KY. For the last twenty-two years, the Crew has worked with the Good Shepherd Mission of Whitley City, KY, who selects the families to receive the new homes. The Good Shepherd Mission has many deserving families on a waiting list for homes. In June 2008, the Crew built a home for Grover and Mary Rollins and their two grandchildren, Damon and Courtney. Grover and Mary have custody of their two grandchildren because the children’s mother was killed in a car accident and the father is unable to provide the needed parental care. Both Grover and Mary have breathing problems and are periodically on oxygen. The Rollins Family was living in a rundown and unhealthy home but has since moved to their new home. Damon and Courtney, who are both under 10 years old, are bright and friendly and now have the hope for a better future in their new home. Although the new home is our prime objective, more important benefits are setting an example of helping our fellow Americans and trying to heal a family in need of housing. The Appalachian Construction Crew is an IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.

OUR WORK: During the past year, the Crew continued to raise money for buying the required home construction materials and Crew logistics. Fundraisers include working concession stands at the Offutt AFB Air Show and Omaha Royals baseball games, a raffle for gift certificates donated by Outback Steakhouse and a bowl-a-thon. Then for one week last June, our on-site crew of 26 volunteers built the home for the Rollins Family. The program is not a free handout, since each selected family agrees to pay back the Good Shepherd Mission for the material cost of the home in small, monthly, interest-free payments. Thus the family is given the financial means to obtain a good home and experiences America’s dream of home ownership. The Good Shepherd Mission then reuses the revenue from the families’ payments to help other families in need. In June 2009, the Crew will be building a home for our 24th family.

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