May 282018

8 March 2018

Subject: Minutes of Board Meeting

1. The Meeting was opened by President Vicki Edwards at 7:00 PM, at 9803 S. 21st Circle, Bellevue NE. With 4 of 5 directors present, a quorum of the Board did exist.

2. Attendance at the Meeting included:

Vicki Edwards
Marcel Moreau
George Ziska, Jr.
Ron Strawn
George Cawl

3. The minutes of the meeting held on 8 February 2018, were approved.

4. Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Janelle Smith provided the following status to the Secretary, as of 28 Feb 18: Great Western Checking Account: $34,966.50; Fidelity Money Market Account: $24,410.09.

5. Finance Director’s Report: The following items were discussed:
A. Al Cans for 2 X 4’s: No new developments.

B. Church of Nativity, Burke, VA, 6-7 Jun 18: Bob Corsi reported on 24 Feb 18, that the collection was now at $57,000, to be sent to the Crew.

C. Offutt Catholic Chapel Designated Offering, Sun, 11 Feb 18: The Offering amounted to $2,120.75 compared to $1,583.10 in 2017.

D. Bowl-a-thon, 1:30 PM, Sat, 3 Mar 18: The Secretary reported that the collection of pledges from 17 bowlers is in progress. As of the end of the meeting, total pledges collected were $3,228.00. Still looking to receive the scores from 2 KS bowlers.

E 2018 Financial Plan: We have now reached 12.5% of the $66,000 fundraising goal. The Amazonsmile 4th Quarter 2017 donation of $24, represents total sales of $4,800.

F. Offutt Air Show, Sat, 11 Aug 18: A total of 8 volunteers of the 10 needed signed up to work this event.

G. Other Ideas:
(1) Commemorative Crew T-Shirts: Vice-President Marcel Moreau has developed T-shirts with a Crew logo on the front and photos of many Crew members within the outline of a house on the back. With an order of 20+ shirts from Big Frog, each shirt would cost $13 for men’s and women’s sizes, small to extra large, in various colors. Those present thought $20 would be reasonable price for each shirt. Marcel will be working to get shirt orders for delivery during this year’s upcoming deployment.
(2) Papillion Pizza Ranch: Finance Director Ron Strawn is setting up a meeting with the new Manager. Ron will mention that the previous manager gave us forty $10 certificates for last fall’s raffle.

6. Old Business:
A. Update of Membership Roster: No changes were noted.

B. VA Connection (Bob Corsi): No new developments.
C. Crew Website ( ): No new developments.

D. Colorado (CO) Connection (Corey Cinabro):

E. Volunteer Recruitment in Bellevue: The Crew/Confirmation Class breakfast netted $525.06 ($715.00 – $189.94). Two breakfast attendees seemed interested in volunteering for the upcoming deployment but were not in attendance at our meeting. Approximately 150 people attended the breakfast. The Secretary sent a thank you letter to the Confirmation Class.

F. 2018 Deployment (Work starts on 31 May 18): The Construction Director indicated that the current onsite crew list remains at 33 people. The NE Carpool Plan has 4 vehicles. Food Crew Leader Vicki Edwards is again planning a cookout for the first evening meal on Wed, 30 May 18. The Family/Crew Dinner will be Tues, 5 Jun 18. Finish Crew Leader Jerry Leonard wants to install laminate flooring with a cork backing in this year’s home kitchen. At a cost of $2.89 per SF, a material cost of $750 was estimated, with the labor cost of the flooring subcontractor saved. The Construction Director requested Harry Wallace on 23 Feb 18, to have the Strunk Family select a color/pattern for the flooring from the internet link provided.

G. 2017 IRS Forms: The Treasurer was provided the IRS Form 990-EZ and the list of major contributors by the Secretary. The Form 990-EZ is due on 15 May 18. The Secretary emailed the Treasurer of the receipt of the Fidelity Money Market tax return document.

7. New Business:
A. Adopt-A-Road on 25th Street: Tentative time of 9 AM, Sat, 28 Apr 18, was selected for the activity.

8. The Crew Meeting was adjourned at 7:57 PM and the next Meeting was set for 7:00 PM, Thursday, 12 Apr 18, at 9803 S. 21st Circle.

George Ziska, Jr.