Jan 222019

13 December 2018
Subject: Minutes of Board Meeting

1. The Meeting was opened by Vice President Marcel Moreau at 7:00 PM, at 9803 S. 21st Circle, Bellevue NE. With 4 of 5 directors present, a quorum of the Board did exist.

2. Attendance at the Meeting included:
Marcel Moreau
George Ziska, Jr.
Janelle Smith
Ron Strawn
George Cawl
Kathi Narlock

3. The minutes of the meeting held on 8 November 2018, were approved.

4. Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Janelle Smith provided the following status, as of 30 Nov 18: Great Western Checking Account: $3,210.64; Fidelity Money Market Account: $64,961.31.

5. Finance Director’s Report: The following items were discussed:
A. Al Cans for 2 X 4’s: No new developments.
B. Papillion Pizza Ranch Raffle: A total of 270 tickets were sold for total revenue of $1,350 which is a new record and only 10 tickets short of our goal of 280. After paying for 20 store certificates, net revenue was $1,128.76 (= $1,350.00 – $221.24). The average net revenue for 4 Pizza Ranch Raffles is $1,194.69. Winners from the drawing held on 15 Nov18, were 1st – $150: Debbe Moreau; 2nd – $100: Lori Holloway; 3rd – $50: Mike Cleary; 4th – $50: Bridget Huggins; 5th – $50: Barb Branco. Ten people attended the drawing/dinner at Pizza Ranch. Per Finance Director Ron Strawn, the Pizza Ranch Asst. Manager Samantha Oxley indicated that we will have to pay for half of the store certificates in the future. With this payment arrangement, we should probably cut back to only offering a total of $300 in certificates for the raffle next year and some present were questioning whether Pizza Ranch is the best deal available. Therefore, during the next year, we should consider other possible sources for the raffle certificates including the Texas Roadhouse, suggested by our President. Treasurer Janelle Smith suggested that maybe we could combine certificates from several sources for the next year’s raffle. Vice President Marcel Moreau questioned the whole purpose of the raffle, since many of the raffle tickets are being bought by Crew members rather than people from outside the Crew.
C. Church of the Nativity, Burke, VA: Bob Corsi indicated that the offering for the Crew will be held on the weekend of 5-6 Jan 19.
D. Bowl-a-thon, Mar 19: The Secretary indicated that we will need to start gearing up for this event at the next meeting.
E. Offutt Air Show, 1-3 Jun 19: We need to start looking for volunteers for this event.
F. 2019 Financial Plan: To date, 4.9% of our $70,000 goal has been raised.
G. Other Ideas: None.

6. Old Business:
A. Update of Membership Roster: No changes noted.
B. VA Connection (Bob Corsi): No new developments.
C. Crew Website ( http://www.accrew.org ): No new developments.
D. Colorado (CO) Connection (Corey Cinabro): No new developments.
E. Volunteer Recruitment in Bellevue: Confirmation Class Teacher Deacon Rick Melrose will provide students to help the 5 Crew volunteers for the Breakfast on Sun, 17 Feb 19, 7 AM to 1 PM. Crew volunteers will be wearing Crew shirts and hats.
F. 2019 Deployment (Work starts on Thurs, 30 May 19): The Construction Director mailed on 7 Dec 18, to our Good Shepherd Chapel P.OC. Harry Wallace, completed plans, material lists and subcontractor work descriptions for the Kates Family home.
G. Annual Report to Donors: The Secretary provided this report for review and will get 75 copies of this blue, half size report from the UPS Store..
H. Advanced Payment of $7000 for the Kates Family Home: Kay Morrow, Treasurer for the Good Shepherd Chapel, indicated that this advanced payment was received on 13 Nov 18.

7. New Business:
A. Network for Good: A total donation of $30, made up of 3 anonymous donations of $20, $5 and $5, has been received. Kathi Narlock indicated that she is responsible for this donation on her birthday in Sep 18, thru Facebook. The Secretary had Kathi reviewed the paperwork as being correct. Depositing the $30 check obligates the Crew to abiding by the rules of the Network for Good but no annual fees were noted.

8. The Crew Meeting was adjourned at 7:32 PM and the next Meeting was set for 7:00 PM, Thursday, 10 Jan 19, at 9803 S. 21st Circle.

George Ziska, Jr.