Jan 112020

10 October 2019

Subject: Minutes of Board Meeting

  1. The Meeting was opened by President Vicki Edwards at 7:00 PM, at 9803 S. Circle, Bellevue NE. With 4 of 5 directors present, a quorum ofthe Board did exist.
  2. Attendance at the Meeting included:

Vicki Edwards

Marcel Moreau

George Ziska, Jr.

Ron Strawn

George Cawl

Mark White

  1. The minutes ofthe meeting held on 12 September 2019, were approved.
  2. Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Janelle Smith provided the Secretary with the following status, as of 30 Sep 19: Great Western Checking Account: $8,292.50; Fidelity Money Market Account: $55,918.26-
  3. Finance Director’s Report: The following items were discussed:
    1. Al Cans for 2 X 4’s: Turn-in on 4 Oct 19: 33 1b X $0.28/lb = $9.25. CanPac has closed and cans are now redeemed at Element Recycling at 26ff and Vinton Street.
    2. Raffle, Oct-Nov 19: Donna Vogt provided an additional 144 raffle tickets for a total of 328 tickets printed. Ticket disfribution increased to 184 at the meeting and 13 tickets have been sold to date. The Secretary submitted an article on the raffle to the Bellevue Leader, on 2 Oct 19. Also the Secretary provided an article and photos to the Papillion Pizza Ranch on 2 Oct 19. Finance Director Ron Strawn was reimbursed $225.54 for buying 20 Pizza Ranch certificates and he made reservations at the Pizza Ranch for the dinner/drawing night of 21 Nov 19, at Pizza Ranch.
    3. Church ofthe Nativity, Burke, VA: Collection in Jan 2020.
    4. Base Catholic Chapel Designated Offering: Set for the weekend of 8-9 Feb 20.
    5. Bowl-a-thon: Set for March 2020.
    6. 2020 Financial Plan: To date, 2.5% of our $70,000 goal has been raised.
    7. Other Ideas: None.
  4. Old Business:
    1. Update of Membership Roster: No changes noted.
    2. VA Connection (Bob Corsi): No new developments.
    3. Crew Website ( http://www.accrew.org ): No new developments.
    4. Colorado (CO) Connection (Corey Cinabro): No new developments-
    5. Volunteer Recruitment in Bellevue: CCD Coordinator Peggy Hoffnan indicated that the Confirmation students will assist with the Pancake Breakfast on Sun, 16 Feb 2020, in the Capehart Chapel Upper Annex and that the room has been reserved. Five Crew members have volunteered to assist with the breakfast, from 8 AM to 1 PM.
    6. 2020 Deployment (with work starting on Thurs, 28 May 2020): Harry Wallace has hired a subcontractor to start work, this week, on the excavation and the footings for the Marler home. The Construction Director mailed a $15,000 money market check for the advanced payment on the Marler home to the Good Shepherd Chapel and it was received on 7 Oct 19. Heather Marler approved the floor plan on 6 Oct 19, which is the same as the 2019 floor plan except that there will not be a handicapped toilet in the MBR Bath (thus changing the MBR and MBR Bath doors from 3/0 to 2/6).
    7. Board Election: The Board Election will be held on 12 Dec 19, for the 2020-2021 term.
  5. New Business: None.
  6. The Crew Meeting was adjourned at 7:25 PM and the next Meeting was set for 7:00 PM, Thursday, 14 Nov19, at 9803 S. 21 st

George Ziska Jr  Secretary