Aug 152020

9 January 2020
I. The Meeting was opened by President Vicki Edwards at 7:00 PM, at 9803 S. 21st Circle, Bellevue NE. With 4 of 5
directors present, a quorum of the Board existed.
2. Attendance at the Meeting included:
Vicki Edwards
Kathi Narlock
Marcel Moreau George Ziska, Jr. Ron Strawn
3. The minutes of the meetings held on 12 December 2019, were approved.
4. Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Janelle Smith was not present to provide a report.
5. Finance Director’s Report: The following items were discussed:
A, Al Cans for 2 X 4’s: No new developments.
George Caw!
B. Church of the Nativity, Burke, VA, 4-5 Jan 20: Bob Corsi reported that the collection to date is at $40,581, which
is about $10,000 ahead of last year at this time. Bob predicted that the collection will exceed $65,000.
C. Base Catholic Chapel Designated Offering, 8-9 Feb 20: Secretary submitted parish bulletin notice.
D. Bowl-a-thon: Sharon Strawn reserved 6 lanes at the Leopard Lanes for 1 :30 PM, Sat, 7 Mar 20. So far, we have
6 bowlers. The Secretary sent out emails to the Laski and Saucier Families and Vice-President Marcel Moreau will try to
get bowlers from his bowling league.
E. 2020 Financial Plan: To date, 4.7% of our $70,000 goal has been raised.
F. Offutt Air Show: Per OWH article of 22 Dec 19, there will be no Air Show until at least 2022, due to runway
G. Other Jdeas: None.
6. Old Business:
A. Update of Membership Roster: No changes noted.
B. VA Connection (Bob Corsi): No new developments.
C. Crew Website ( ): No new developments.
D. Colorado (CO) Connection (Corey Cinabro): No new developments.
E. Volunteer Recruitment in Bellevue: The Crew Breakfast with the Confirmation students is set for Sun, 16 Feb
2020, in the Capehait Chapel Upper Annex. Five Crew members have volunteered to assist with the breakfast, from
.,_…..,___8 AM to 1 PM. We will be wearing our Crew shirts and hats. The Secretary submitted a bulletin notice and will make a
Commissary run with Finance Director Ron Strawn at 8 AM on Sat, 15 Feb 20.
F. 2020 Deployment (with work starting on Thurs, 28 May 2020): Harry Wallace reported that the block foundation
for the Marler home was completed on 12 Dec 19, and from the photos, the highest corner is 11 blocks high. The
Construction Director approved a Lowe’s estimate of $2,551 on 8 Jan 20, for the kitchen cabinets and other materials.
,-Kathi Narlock provided a receipt of $144.16 for purchasing the microwave. The cooks are looking for a van to rent for
.1auling their equipment and deployment food.
G. Annual Report to Donors: The Secretary reported that the UPS Store made 50 copies of this report at cost of
7. New Business:
A. St. Joe’s Improvements: Landlord Jim Barney provided photos of the completed improvements including the
exterior window shutters and the new flooring in the interior common areas.
8. The Crew Meeting was adjourned at 7:30 PM and the next Meeting was set for 7:00 PM, Thursday, 13 Feb 20, at
9803 S. 2 l st Circle.
George Ziska, Jr.