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8 July 2021

Subject: Minutes of Board Meeting

1.The Meeting was opened by President Vicki Edwards at 7:00 PM, at 9803 21st Circle, Bellevue NE. With 3 of 5 directors present, a quorum of the Board existed.

2.Attendance at the Meeting included:

Vicki Edwards

George Ziska, Jr.

Janelle Smith

George Cawl

3.The minutes of the meeting held on 8 April 2021, were

4.Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Janelle Smith provided the following status, as of30 June 2021: Great Western Checking Account: $23,65; Fidelity Money Market: $56,283.36.

5.Finance Director’s Report: The following items were discussed:

A. Al Cans for 2 X 4’s: Turn-in on 22 Apr 21: 49 lb X $0.48/lb = $23.60

B. 2021 Financial Plan: The final progress percentage on the $80,000 fundraising goal was at 104.0%, as of 30 Jun 2021. NE volunteers raised a total of $8,187 or 10.2% of the fundraising goal.

C. Proposed 2022 Financial Plan (for 3BR/2Bath home with a new septic system):

Plan Actual
(1) Dinner Raffle: $500
(2) Church of the Nativity: $70,000
(3) Bowl-a-thon: $5,000
(4) Offutt Base Chapel: $500
(5) Donations & Misc; $4,000 $11
Totals: $80,000 $11 (0.0%)


The Secretary indicated that the 2021 4BR/2BATH home cost will be about $90,000 and by simple proportion of the 3 and 4 BR home square footages (1,104 SF to 1248 SF), a 2022 fundraising goal of $80,000, appears reasonable and was approved by the Board.

D. Other Ideas:

6. Old Business:

A. Update of Membership Roster: No changes noted.

B. VA Connection (Bob Corsi): No new development

C. Crew Website ( ): No new developments.

D. Colorado (CO) Connection (Corey Cinabro): No new

E. Volunteer Recruitment in Bellevue: No new

6. Old Business (Cont.):

F. 2021 Deployment (Work starts on Thurs, 3 Jun 21): Our Crew work was completed on Mon, 14 Jun   The Crew paid a total of$80,719.79, for the Stephens home to the Good Shepherd Outreach, which is a record amount mainly due to the major increases in the cost of construction materials. The Construction Director provided a worksheet with a comparison to the last ten homes built. After adding in all other support costs the current Stephens home cost totals $90,391.49. With the Lowe’s delivery of the appliances, the Stephens Family moved into their new home on 28 Jun 21.

G. 2022 Deployment (Works starts on Thurs, 2 Jun 22): The Brandon and Opal New Family have been selected for the 2022 home. The New Family  has two children, Cameron (20) and Addilynn (9).  The Family owns a 4-acre plot at 250 Triple Oak Lane, Steams, KY 42647. An old foundation from a home that burned down 12 years ago will have to be The site is only a 4-mile trip (or an 8-minute drive) west of St. Joe’s Inn. Kay Morrow, our Good Shepherd P.O.C., has requested that the New Family have the land deed modified to include Opal’s name and will have DeWayne Hamlin, the Excavation subcontractor, look at the site for the work that needs to done. The Construction Director made reservations for St. Joe’s Inn from l to 15 Jun 22, with Landlord Jim Barney on 19 Jun 21.

H. IRS Form 990-EZ is due on 15 May The Treasurer sent out this required IRS form on 21 Apr 21, and provided a copy to the Secretary on 12 May 21.

7. New Business:

A. Adopt-A-Road: The Secretary passed around the room a thank you letter, dated 13 May 21, from the Sarpy County Public Work Dept. for the Crew’s participation in thjs program since Our current contract with the Public Works Dept. go thru 30 Jun 22.

B. First Payment for the 2022 Home: The Secretary plans to send a $15,000 payment this month.

C. Board Election: The next Board election will be held at the 9 Dec 21 meeting for 2-year terms, from 1 Jan 22 to 31 Dec 21.

8. The Crew Meeting was adjourned at 7:47 PM. The next Meeting is set for 7:00 PM, Thursday, 12 Aug 21, at 9803 S. 21st

George Ziska, Jr. Secretary